Kidbrooke Walk

We had a good turnout for the walk above Kidbrooke on Wednesday 17 November.  John set things up with Kidbrooke and opened the gate for the group comprising himself, Hedley, Julian and Trish, Jessica, Anina, Debby, John and Carol, Garth and Liz, Biddy and Renee and me.  Although the walk was only 5km, it was a tough climb and the day was warm.  Fortunately there was quite a strong south-easterly breeze to keep things cool and we made it to the top beacon unscathed.  There was some discussion about how to return as some members did not want to go down the steep path, so Garth, who knew his way around, showed us another, less used path skirting around the north of the steep section.  We set off along this route, which became more and more overgrown until it disappeared completely and we had to find our way through some pretty thick bush before eventually reaching the path which we had taken on the upward journey.  What a relief!   There were many scratches in evidence by this stage and when we arrived back at Kidbrooke for lunch some impromptu first aid was needed.  We then sat down to an enjoyable pub lunch fueled with a beer or two and a few glasses of wine. 

It was a worthwhile outing and the veld was beautiful once we got past the alien vegetation on the bottom slopes.  Some serious hacking is needed along this section where a lot of Rooikrans, Myrtle and Port Jackson willow was growing.  We even saw some Hackia!

Higher up fynbos prevailed and there were some interesting flowers to see.  No doubt the botanists will identify them.  The views from the top were memorable and made one realise how much Hermanus and its western suburbs have grown.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

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