Hermanus Hurriers – Who’s Who

“Who are the Hermanus Hurriers?”, I hear you ask.  Well, here is a listing of our current members:

Anina Lee;  Avril Whittaker;  Biddy Lees;  Carin Verburg;  Carl and MaryLynne Pohl;  Carol and John Groenewald;  Christine Wakfer;  David Beattie;  Debby Brooke-Sumner;  Elsa Gebhard and Alan Youens;  Garth and Liz Hutton;  Georgie Rautenbach;  Gerda and John Wolheim;  Hedley and Ming Tarlton;  Helen Gardner;  Jenny Viotti;  Jessica Mitchell;  Julian and Tricia Turner;  Kathy and Mike Bryan;  Kinki Dall;  Laura van Riet;  Louisa Oberholzer;  Lynette and David Dicey;  Margaret de Villiers;  Mike Ravenscroft;  Pat van Schoor;  Rob Twemlow;  Robin and Dierdre Richards;  Ronnie and Renee Hazell;  Sandy Jenkin;  Sarah James;  Veronica Day;  Yvonne Quenet.

If you want to send me photos of yourselves we can build a rogues gallery!

3 thoughts on “Hermanus Hurriers – Who’s Who

      1. Barbara

        I know you are the Hurriers! Thanks for the good luck but 250 is not going to happen. Isn’t Mt Dyer called that because you can see Dyer Island from the top?

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