Mount Dyer

Why its called Mt Dyer, I don’t know.  According to my 1:50000 topo sheet, we set out from Blommerus Farm and walked to Tafelberg.  This happened on 1oth November and in our group were Garth, John, who arranged the whole thing, Jessica, Mags, Tricia, Anina, Elsa, Lynette, Rosemary Renton (with her dog) and Renee and me.  It was a beautiful warm day and we were welcomed by the farm owner who explained the route we were to take.

After a not so nice hike through predominantly alien vegetation we emerged half way up the mountain in pristine fynbos.  It was really beautiful and the views out to the north were worth the climb.  We saved the best for last, however, because when we arrived on the top of Tafelberg and looked out over the Uilenskraal River mouth, we could see forever. 

We returned via a different route and ended up walking exactly ten kilometres.  On arrival back at Blommerus, where we had left our cars, we were amazed to find two Black Eagles (now called Verreauxs’ Eagles) flying really low over us, as if in welcome.  I have never seen these birds so close in the wild and it was a truly wonderful sighting.

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One thought on “Mount Dyer

  1. Anina Lee

    Ronnie kindly omitted to say that I bombed out before the good bit to the top of the mountain. Fortunately that part of the walk was a semi-circular route and I could meet up with the group again along the valley floor. After having enjoyed the cool breeze, the view, the flowers and the birds for an hour I lost a bit of faith in being at the right place at the right time, so decided to push on in a direction that looked the most likely. Just to be safe I amused myself by drawing messages in the sand at regular intervals in case I was never seen again. Thankfully the group caught up with me in a short time and all was well.

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