Cliff Path Working Group

This morning a small group of volunteers (about 14) gathered at Kwaaiwater and set about removing alien statice from the area around the Cliff Path and clearing the sand from the path in the Mossel River area.  This is an initiative by the Cliff Path Management Group (CPMG) headed up by David Beattie.  Work groups are being arranged on a monthly basis to tackle various areas requiring attention.  Coca Cola came to the party, providing drinks for the tired volunteers, and I was asked to do the draw for a prize of a sundowner cruise sponsored by Southern Right Charters.  Guess who won – no it wasn’t me, but it was Renee, so I’ll get to go on the cruise anyway!  Thanks to the sponsors for their generous participation in this venture.

Back to the purpose of the exercise.  After a couple of hours of really hard work – and you should have seen the bedraggled workers – the improvement was certainly noticeable.  Huge amounts of the plant invader, statice, had been removed and the path adjacent to the Mossel River bridge looks like new.  A number of morning strollers and joggers complimented the group on the work done.  It was a successful and satisfying experience and can only improve community spirit.  Keep up the good work CPMG!!

Click on the images to enlarge them.

2 thoughts on “Cliff Path Working Group

  1. Anina Lee

    I think we all left the battleground with a sense of accomplishment! But after spending half the morning searching and destroying, sometimes on all fours under bushes, ‘I’ll never love statice again’.

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