My First Photoblog (or phlog)

Phlog??   What on earth is that?   Well, I thought a blog for Photographs could be called a ‘Phlog’.  Others might prefer an image blog and call it a Imlog or a Blage, but I like Phlog as a general term, although in this case, since the subject is images that might make you laugh, perhaps a Blaph would be more suitable! 

Be that as it may, photography has taken the world by storm and everybody owns a camera.  Some use them wisely and some abuse their cameras.  The really great thing about digital photography, however, is the freedom which it gives to the photographer.  Freedom to shoot fast and furiously and, in the process, pick up the odd funny shot.  These are a few from my database.

As with most photography, but especially so in this case, the title is a vital component of the image.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

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