Photographic Art

All too often one hears the complaint that a photograph has been tampered with.  Why, I can’t imagine.  Its as if a photographer may only produce a realistic photographic image, i.e. one that perfectly replicates the original scene or subject.  This is certainly the case with Photo-journalism, where, to alter a picture would be to distort the truth and the same can be said for Wildlife photography.  For the rest, however, the photographer has as much right to make of his picture exactly what he wants, just as a painter paints his picture as he wants.  This is where the art comes in and where the author shows his or her ability to create an image using a scene captured photographically as the starting point.  Very few painters paint from imagination, prefering to paint a particular subject, but with their own unique interpretation.  Photographers who strive to produce art, should do the same.  Below are two examples of my photographic art which, fortunately, photographic judges have recognised as such.

Slave Trade

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