Vermont Coastal Path

Alas, I have no photographs of the eighteen wet and bedraggled souls who walked six kilometres in the rain along the beautiful Vermont coastal path and beyond, under the guidance of Hedley and John.  Its just sod’s law that after weeks of clear weather, the first rains come on a Wednesday, but we were undaunted and enjoyed the outing nevertheless.

Our route along the coast

The birders searched for the lost African Openbill, but without success, however, we did see Greyheaded Gulls and a Giant Kingfisher, the latter supplementing his diet with some sea fish. 

Our next walk is scheduled for Dot’s Dash, but the recent fires have ravaged the whole area behind Kleinmond, so Renee and I are scratching around looking for an alternative.  Unfortunately, nothing will be able to match the Erica pilansii, which we’ll now have to wait until next year to see.

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