Art Photography

Good photography, as I have previously said, often involves more than just a photographic image.  Photographs with strong linearity can benefit hugely if that linearity can be exaggerated.  Photoshop filters allow one to play with linear enhancements and the results can be quite stunning.  A previously bland image suddenly becomes fascinating and mysterious and the viewer finds him- or herself really enjoying the modified picture.  Shown below are some of the images which I have recently enhanced, using only the simplest of techniques.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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Kleinmond Coastal Path

The Kogelberg fire wiped out Dot’s Dash as a walk this April, so we decided to walk the Kleinmond Coastal path instead.  We set out from the harbour and walked east to the beach and back, not realising that this was rather a short distance.  On our return to the harbour we decided to try the western path and were pleasantly surprised to find a well maintained boardwalk covering most of the distance to the caravan park.  We skirted around this on the path to Fairy Glen, returning via the lagoon and beach to the boardwalk and back to the harbour.  The total distance covered was exactly ten kilometres, but, given the cool, overcast conditions, this was an easy walk and it was good to see an area that we had not previously done.  Ten of us set out and, after Hedley and Ming returned home, the rest of us, Mike and Cuckoo, Robin and Deirdre, John, Karen and Renee and I had a pleasant lunch at the Pottery before returning home.

Dawn’s Significant Birthday

Gillian and Andrew decided to throw a party for one of her mother’s more significant birthdays – and what a party it was.  The Bennett clan came from far and wide and so Dawn had all her children and grandchildren there for the occasion.  Andrew and Gillian’s home became a perfect venue for what was essentially a dancing party.  They brought in a large Bedouin tent, which was erected over a specially laid dance floor in the garden.  This was for the more casual dancers – the semi-professional ones (Dawn and Gordon’s dance school colleagues) had the proper indoor dance floor, with all the furniture moved out to make the necessary space.  It looked beautiful and their house certainly proved to be a wonderful venue.  It was a warm evening and despite a stiff south-easterly breeze, the layout of the house made for a balmy venue where everyone, young and old, could express themselves as they wished.  Michael and Gordon entertained us with their stories and tributes to Dawn and the birthday girl had an absolute ball.

Clan Bennett