Driving on Our Beaches

I can’t believe that its so long since I last posted anything on this site, but the recent e-mail from Mike Ravenscroft describing how his walking group witnessed people flagrantly ignoring the ban on beach driving and his request that we publish the means of reporting such contraventions has woken me up.  I have therefore copied the response that Mike got from the DEA below, so that anybody who comes across such violations will know what to do.

Hi Michael

I have seen your email from Alan.
Any assistance from the members of the public is always welcome in assisting in the enforcement of ORV regulations, and you are advised to do the following:

1. Take photos of a vehicle indicating that it was really being driven on the coastal zone;
2. Take GPS coordinates, if possible;
3. Make a statement commissioned by a either a police or commissioner, stating that you really did see the vehicle being driven;

4. Take registration numbers, time and date when the incident happened; and

5. Send all of that to me (see my signature).

Once we get all of the above, it is easy to act.

I hope this reaches you in order.
Looking forward to cooperation in these matters.


Sandiso Zide
Institutional & Legal Development
Department of Environmental Affairs
Physical Address:
East Pier  Building II
East Pier Road
Cape Town

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