Defying the weather

On Wednesday 8th June a massive cut-off low pressure system threatened to flood most of South Africa, but in Hermanus our draught conditions persisted.  We had planned a walk through Vogelgat via Leopard Camp, over a distance of around 11 kilometres.  With dark clouds looming, only Debbie arrived to join Renee and me on the outing.  We set off up Lex’s Gulley in cold and very windy conditions.  On reaching the crossroads at the top we decided to rethink our route and opted for the more sheltered path to Sip Lodge.  It was a wise decision and the rest of the way via Sip and Quark and then back to Base Camp was very pleasant and it did not rain at all, so, whilst we were tempting fate by setting out, our efforts failed to bring a much needed shower to augment our meagre municipal water supplies.  Three very exhausted people returned home after four hours on the road, but it was, as usual, very worthwhile and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Debbie and Renee at the top of Lex's Gulley

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