Kogelberg to Harold Porter

Today Rob, Carl and Moggs, Biddy, Debby, Lynette, Robin and Deirdre, and Renee and I made the most of some wonderful still weather and walked around 8 km from the Kogelberg Offices to Harold Porter.  This area suffered a recent burn and, whilst the immediate post-burn vegetation had come and gone, the ground was well covered with rejuvenating fynbos. 

The recent rains meant that there was plenty of water underfoot and all the streams were running well.  Unfortunately some strong winds had brought down a number of big trees in the kloof forest, but otherwise the area was as beautiful as ever, with many interesting plants along the way.

On reaching the Harold Porter Reserve, we all stopped at the restaurant for a pleasant lunch before heading for home in fairly thick sea mist.  Fortunately we had walked above the latter and had warm sunshine all the way.

Click on an image to enlarge it.  As with so many things, the beauty is in the detail.

My New Book

There was great excitement today when I received copies of my first book, ‘Cracking The Nut’ from the printers!  I started writing it after Dad died last year and for six months had nothing more than the first paragraph.  Then, come the New Year, I decided to get a move on and wrote the rest of it in about a week. 

Getting it proof read by Gill, Gillian and Tanja took a bit of time and then the usual delays and uncertainties kicked in, until I suddenly decided to go ahead and sent it off to the printers.  As can be seen from the cover, it is an autobiography – very much a me book.  Gillian suggested that had Renee written it, then it might have told a different story.  I’m sure this is right, but I wrote it and its my story, written for the grandchildren, so that one day when I’m gone, they will have something to remember me by.

Cracking The Nut