Walk to Sculptured Corner, Fernkloof

There were 14 of us who walked up around Sculptured Corner in Fernkloof this morning.  It was good to have Keith and Ross along, as we had not previously walked with them.  Also nice to see Mick and Jenny, who recently returned from Zambia.

The weather was glorious and although the start was mostly in the shade, most participants had stripped off their jumpers and windbreakers by the time we reached the jeep track.  Once around the back of Galpin’s, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful Erica fastigiata and some wonderful flowering restios.  All the streams were flowing well and the footing was quite spongy.  Let’s hope we get some more rain to boost our dam level before the winter is over.  Looking down on the Hemel-en-Aarde valley, we were struck by the fact that all the farm dams are full to overflowing. (Can this be why there’s so little water in the De Bos dam?)

Once at the foot of Aasvoelkop, we took the path back down to the Galpin’s Hut junction, but were disappointed to find it heavily overgrown, so that we often had to battle our way through very dense vegetation.  This meant that it was eyes down with little opportunity to admire the wonderful views over Hermanus and Walker Bay, except when we stopped.

Towards Caledon

The walk covered a distance of 11.5km and took us around five and a half hours.  There will be some sore bodies, I’m sure!  Thanks to John and Carol for setting it up – I won’t say leading it, as I seemed to be the pathfinder when things got tough, but it was certainly an excellent choice of venue and a wonderful day out on what must be Fernkloof’s finest route.  Let’s hope that the Botsoc and Municipality do something to open the overgrown sections.

Here are some of the photos.   Click on an image to enlarge it.

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