Christmas 1954

First Cousins 1954

This old and badly damaged print appeared the other day and I could not resist scanning it and trying to clean it up.  It was taken at Gran’s home, Eastry, in Kenilworth in 1954 and it shows most of Gran’s grandchildren who were present that day, except for Simon, who was apparently having his afternoon rest. 

Christmasses were such wonderful events in those days and the whole family always gathered under the watchful eye of our matriarch, Granny Etta.  This picture would have been taken after a traditional Christmas dinner when most of the grown-ups were having their afternoon nap and just before tea, when we would all be called in to listen to the broadcast of the Queen’s speech.

So much water under the bridge since then.  Would we have chosen differently had we known how the future would turn out?  Quite possibly, but I, for one, would not have wanted my life to be any different.  Nevertheless, imagine how wonderful it would be to have it all over again!

One thought on “Christmas 1954

  1. Gill Robey-Hill

    What an awesome photo!! Especially for me coming into the family so late!! Now i can put you all in order 🙂 Love those knees Chris…

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