Walk at Kempsrivier

Early Spring on Kempsrivier

Carl and Moggs arranged our walk at Kempsrivier, the farm belonging to James Delport and his wife Lucy, their daughter.  It was timed to coincide with the flowering of the canola fields and what a pleasure it was.  No less than 23 walkers turned out, lured by the beautiful Overberg scenery and the promise of lunch at Gabrielskloof after the walk.  We were not disappointed!  The weather also played ball, with a slight berg breeze bringing warmer temperatures.

We covered a distance of 6.6km through the rolling hillsides, surrounded by cereals, canola, fruit trees, herds of newly shorn and about-to-be shorn sheep, fat beef cattle, numerous beehives and many bird species.  We were buzzed by James in his microlite and visited by him on his motorbike as he attended to his farming activities.  Then, whilst some of us enjoyed cool drinks provided by Lucy on the verandah, others visited the two  beautifully appointed cottages which are for rent on the property (www.blackeaglelodge.co.za).

As usual there were interesting flowers along the way, but, despite some coaching by Christine, I still don’t know what they were.

By lunch time we were ravenous and made our way to Gabrielskloof Estate (www.gabrielskloof.co.za) for a very pleasant lunch accompanied by some of the fine wine produced by the estate.  There are certainly worse ways to spend a day.

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