Our Imagine Comfortvan


Our Comfortvan

We’ve had it for nearly a year, but only used it three times!  Things just seemed to conspire against our getting away for our planned camping holidays, but we gave it a good run in last week.  Setting off for Namaqualand in the rain didn’t seem to be a very good start, but the weather cleared and we set up camp without any problems.  It was cold, but we had an electric blanket (fortunately we had mains power available) so we managed to sleep in comfort.  Everything went really well and we now want to go further afield.  On the way home we went via Gifberg, in the mountains south of Vanrhynsdorp, and the van negotiated the rough terrain with ease.  The only problem we had was when a hinge broke on a very rough corrugated road on the west coast, but that is easily fixed.  For the rest it performed very well and towed easily.  We met other Imagine owners, Mike and Vicky Clark, in Nieuwoudtville and they made no bones about their view that this is the best off-road van available in SA.  Our initial feelings are certainly that it is a very good product.

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