Dot’s Dash after the Fire

Of course, we knew it could not be the same after the devastating fire that raged through the Kogelberg Mountains earlier this year, but we had to go nevertheless.  Sadly, only the Fynns, the Huttons and ourselves were present, with most of our members away from Hermanus at this time.  We were, however, pleasantly surprised by the regrowth and, with cool clear weather, the walk was an absolute pleasure.  Fynbos species not previously seen (by us) in the area were poking out from the burnt ground and the recent rains will have provided the right environment for lots of new growth as the weather warms up.  What we didn’t see were the spectacular Ericas (especially Erica pillansii) for which the area is famous.  Obviously, it is the wrong season, but the fire had destroyed all traces and we were unable to discern any new growth which we could recognise as Ericas species.

Erica pillansii before the fire

We saw quite a few mountain birds, including Jackal Buzzards, Rock Thrushes, Protea Seedeaters, Orange-breasted Sunbirds and Grassbirds, but little else.

The Kogelberg authorities have done some sterling work on remaking the paths and they are to be congratulated.  It is good to know that development work is still in progress and that nature lovers are assured of being able to walk in the area in the years ahead.  Well done!!

Botanists will no doubt find a few errors in the names given below.  (and they did!)

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