Collecting for the Hermanus Flower and Eco Fair

Renee and I joined Giorgio Lombardi and spent the day collecting specimens for the Flower Show which starts tomorrow.  It was quite an effort and we covered a distance of 13 kms at Vogelgat Reserve.  We went up to Sip first and then around to Beacon Head, before coming back again via Quark.  Giorgio had the list of what was required and we managed to achieve most of it.  The weather turned quite cold and a few showers threatened to wet us, but they passed fairly rapidly without any ill effects.  Unfortunately some of the specimens that were on the list could not be found or were in such short supply that we decided not to cut them, but overall, I guess the outing was quite successful.  One that we found (for the first time in Vogelgat!) was a single Sonderothamnus speciosa.  Giorgio was delighted!

It was certainly very tiring, especially as we did not have the wonder drug that Giorgio puts into his water and which gives him extra vuma!  (something called Empact?)  We must get some – but first I need to put my feet up!!

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