Africa Goju Ryu Karate Championships

This morning we travelled to Stellenbosch to watch Travis taking part in the AGK Championships being held there.  Mike and Nicky had travelled from Knysna with the family and were staying with David and Tanja in Cape Town for the weekend.  David came through with the boys to watch as well, but had to rush poor Keagan home after he had a bad fall and hurt his chin, but he returned to see Travis performing in both of his sections.  These were the 10-11 year old, Orange Belt Kata and Iri Kumi events.  He did well in the former and even beat the boy who won, in one of the early rounds, but probably ended up about fourth in the end.  He did even better in the Iri Kumi (fighting) and managed to get a well-deserved Bronze Medal.  Well done Travie!!  We look forward to seeing you doing even better in future championships.  Of course, Mom was not too happy to see him fighting, but despite receiving a few hard blows, he acquitted himself very well and made us all proud.

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