Teslaarsdal 2

Elsa said it would be a stiff walk and we certainly felt, on returning to our cars, that we had had a fairly strenuous bit of exercise, but it wasn’t until we got home and measured our route that we really appreciated why.  We had walked 10 kms up and down a steep mountain in three and a half hours on a very warm day!!  No wonder we all felt completely broken at the end of it!

Nine of us set out, but John Duval had to return with a sore leg.  So Garth and Liz, Ross, Mike Bryan, Elsa, Keith (a visistor from Stanford) and Renee and I carried on.  The final climb to the top of Boskop (768mamsl) was very strenuous with no path per se and we were mighty relieved when we eventually made it to the summit.  Once there, the views were splendid, but would have been even better without the prevailing haze.

As usual the summit was characterised by the beautiful Erica lanuginosa, which seems to only occur on the very tops of the mountains. Not only this, but it appeared to be at exactly the same flowering stage as when we first saw it on the Teslaarsdal outing on June 22. Also on top was a single occurrence of the giant vygie, Carpobrotus acinaciformis, along with Adenandra brachyphylla, Gladiolus debilis and many Anaxetons.  I was frustrated by my inability to get a good image of the beautiful Diastella divaricata, which we saw plenty of on the final approach to the summit.

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