Why we loved the Genadendal Trail

In August 2010, we walked the Genadendal trail with Garth, Elsa and Biddy.  I remember it as being a really interesting and beautiful walk.  I am writing this as I feel the need to try to recall some of its magic.  Perhaps we can arrange another walk there in the near future.

It was misty when we arrived in Genadendal and the museum complex, situated adjacent to the old Moravian church, had an ethereal feel.  We looked around the village before setting off on the climb up to Wonderklippe.  This is only the first leg of a long hiking trail that would take a couple of days to complete.

The first thing that struck us was the profusion of beautiful pink ericas covering the lower slopes of the mountain.  These were the wonderful Erica hirtifolia.  As we progressed upwards we emerged from the mist and enjoyed the warm sun on our backs for the first time.  There were many interesting flowers along the way.  Perhaps the most unusual was the mountain dahlia (Liparia splendens) and we had to stop many times to try to identify plants.  We only went as far as Wonderklippe.  Unfortunately there are many alien pine trees along the next section and it did not appeal to us, but Wonderklippe makes a good destination and by the time we had returned we knew we had had a good walk.

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