Genadendal Trail

Jessica joined Renee and me for a 9km hike up the Genadendal Trail to Wonderklippe and back.  It was a cold windy morning, but it was clear, so we had good visibility, but battled to find flowers to photograph that were not being buffeted around by the wind.

Unfortunately the beautiful and abundant Erica hirtifolia was pretty much over and there were only a few that still showed pink, but there were many other interesting species to see and try to identify.  We managed to name a few of them, but a large number still elude us.  Of particular interest was the waboom-like protea with very vivid new red leaves.  We have no idea what species it is and would love some feedback.  Its flower is shown below.  Also of interest were the ground proteas, of which three occur in the area.  We could identify two, scabra and acaulos but the brown one with needle like leaves could not at first be named.  Lee Burman then rescued us and suggested Protea decurrens, which seems to be a good bet.  Perhaps the most spectacular blooms along the path were the red, pink and white Helichrysums.

We were also lucky enough to see a couple of Serruria rosea bushes with their beautiful and delicate pink blooms.  Lee Burman kindly identified these for us.

We were fascinated to note that two infra-red sensor cameras have been set up along the path as part of the local leopard monitoring programme.  On the downside, was the disturbingly rampant growth of new young pine trees which, unless controlled, will soon take over the upper slopes and area around Wonderklippe.

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One thought on “Genadendal Trail

  1. Lee Burman has informed me that the unknown protea is definitely a Protea nitida. Apparently it is a smaller version, but the same species. I guess it was the small size that had us baffled.

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