Bees in our Garden

Imagine my surprise, when looking round the garden last evening, to find a small swarm of bees hanging from a tree on the edge of our patio.  Nice to know that nature is alive and well and doing the pollination thing, but did we really want them there?  I think not.  The question was, how to get rid of them, i.e. make them go elsewhere?

A lethal weapon in my tree

I tried some smoke, but the wind wasn’t helping.  I tried spraying them with the hose, but they just ignored it.  In the end I threw a stick at them, hoping to persuade them to leave in favour of a quieter life, but all they did was fall to the ground and proceed to swarm around the leg of my Weber braai!  In the end I decided to leave them for the night and hope they would depart under cover of darkness.

Imagine my frustration this morning when I looked out and there they were, still clutching the Weber.  Renée suggested a more forceful water spray, so I threw caution to the wind and went after them with the hose.  They were spread apart by the water, but refused to relinquish their spot.  You’ve got to give it to them, they don’t give up easily, but neither will I.  At least they seem fairly benign, but woe betide me if I provoke them too much.  As I write this they are still here, but less organised.  Looks like its 1-1 going into half time!

3 thoughts on “Bees in our Garden

  1. The saga continues. This afternoon I had the irrigation system attended to and lo and behold. They could not get at the faulty valve because the bees have set up home in the valve box. On Friday I have an appointment with the bee man who will hopefully remove them. They really are persistent!

    1. Hedley

      Dear Ron, I would love to come and take your bees away and give them a decent un-hosepiped home. Can I still get them before the bee-man. I hope you dont mean the Pest control chap. Regards Hedley

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