Cricket – RBPS U10B vs SACS

We had the privilege yesterday of watching Jordan playing cricket for the RBPS Under 10B team against SACS at Rondebosch.  SACS batted first and scored 69 for 9 in their allotted 20 overs.   Jordan only bowled one over, but showed his skill by bowling a good length and line and keeping the ball just outside the off stump.

Then RBPS batted and he came in at No 5.  At this stage his team was falling behind in the run chase, but he put matters right by cracking two beautiful fours of two consecutive balls.  Unfortunately, he tried to do the same with the next ball he faced and was bowled, but got a creditable 8 off four balls, at the same time putting his team in a better position.  In the end Rondebosch was narrowly beaten by 11 runs.  We were lucky to see him perform so well.

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