The Contour Path

The weather looked pretty gloomy and rain was forecast, but a good turnout of 15 walkers confirmed the belief that we needed to tempt fate and go out in the hope that it would pour as a result.  Well, we weren’t too disappointed as it did rain quite hard on the walk and we all got soaked, but we did, nevertheless, get the best of the day as it really set in later in the morning.

It was good to have David back in the group after his long absence with knee surgery.  Of course, the contour walk is not as level as might be suggested from its name and the eastern section involved some fairly steep climbing, which took its toll on Karen and David, but they pulled through and we all enjoyed the recently cleared path, especially the eastern section, which many had not previously walked.  We did not complete the planned route all the way to the Visitor’s Centre, but took a short cut home as we were cold and wet and hot baths beckoned.

This was our last official walk of the year and we will meet again on Wednesday 11th January for our planning meeting and party.  Debby will advise times, etc.

Have a happy Christmas and keep walking!!

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