Family Reunion at Oshoek, Vermaaklikheid

My seventieth birthday was a good excuse to get the family together for a bit of bonding.  Too bad the birthday was ten days before the weekend, but we didn’t mind and everyone was assembled for our opening dinner on Friday evening.  Unfortunately the weather did not play ball for most of the weekend, but we all had a good time.  We even had special T-shirts printed for the event and this time there were enough to go round and they even fitted everyone.  A real highlight of the event was when Keagan, Lexie and Robyn sang a song for me that they had put together and which was accompanied by Keagan on the piano – after only a few weeks of music lessons!!

We hired the Main House and Peter’s House, so that the oldies, Gill, Renee and I could have some peace in the latter, whilst the rest of the gang occupied the Main House.  Actually the accommodation forced us to go this route, as we would actually have preferred being all together!  We were very comfortable with everything needed at hand and I can recommend this establishment as a good weekend retreat.

We all took turns to do the catering which meant that we had five excellent meals.  Andrew and Gillian got the Saturday night slot and pulled out all the plugs with a Tarzan Roast.  This can be seen in the pictures below.  It took 6 hours to cook so Andrew and his willing assistants had their work cut out watching it slowly ripen whilst many beers were consumed!

There was a 15 man cricket match on Saturday, which kept everybody well entertained.  Unfortunately the dress code was fancydress, so any photographs taken have had to be censored!  Each one of us had to face 14 balls bowled by each member of the family, so we all bowled 14 balls and faced 14 balls.  There were no winners, but we all had a lot of fun.

Of course, there were many bikes and some serious riding and I even recall the odd fall.  The birds were plentiful, a couple of friendly cows came to graze on the extensive lawns and the grandchildren really enjoyed slipping and sliding in the lovely mud at low tide.

I, personally, can’t wait for the next get-together!

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