Walking at Oak Valley

John gave us all a wonderful surprise when he introduced us to the Oak Valley mountain bike trails on Wednesday.  No less than eighteen walkers made the journey to Elgin and were rewarded with one of the most beautiful farm walks that we could possibly imagine.  To top it all the weather was perfect, despite concerns that it might be overcast.

It made a real change to be walking in farmlands, orchards and forests.  We even had to cope with a couple of large, but fortunately, benign, bulls, although when one started to paw the ground, many of us quickly searched for safe exit routes!  We did not see any fynbos – a real change from the norm – but really enjoyed the rolling hills and tree covered valleys that, on the right day, must surely yield wonderful wild mushrooms.

We ended the walk, after 12.6 km measured by Alan on his GPS, at the wine-tasting venue and were privileged to be offered the wonderful range of Oak Valley wines to taste.  From there we made our way home, stopping at Rivendale for lunch.  This proved to be a drawn-out affair as they were very busy, but we were ravenous and enjoyed our meal.

Friday:  Carl has just sent me some pictures, so the gallery is updated accordingly.

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