Five days with James and Lexie

Andrew took Gillian to the Kruger Park for her fortieth birthday and asked us to come to Atlantic beach to look after the children.  We enjoyed the experience and the opportunity it gave us all to get to know each other better.

Of course, they were at school for three of the five days.  It was during this time that we began to appreciate how much toing and froing Gillian is involved with in getting them to and from school and all their extracurricular activities.  We certainly clocked up the kilometres!!

The weekend was when we could do things of our choice and we started on Saturday morning by watching Jordan playing for the RBPS Under 11 A team against Bishops.  Regrettably Bishops won, but Jordy was very excited to be in the A team for the first time.  Lexie spent the morning at a friend’s party.

On Saturday afternoon James persuaded me to take him birding at Flamingo Vlei and I was pleased to note that he has become a very keen and good birder, keeping meticulous records of all his sightings, something that Andrew has obviously taught him.  On Sunday we again went birding, this time at Intaka Island near Century City and he was thrilled to get two lifers!  Lexie tagged along, but her interest was more in playing on the trains that decorate the parking area.

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