Dune Photography

How fortunate we are to live reasonably close (withn 1500km) of spectacular dune fields.  Photographing them remains a challenge and I am always looking to improve my dune images.  Here are a few from my library.

New Look Image Gallery

Wow!!  What a win, using Tiled Galleries has completely changed the way images are displayed on my blog and I must say that I like it.  I hope my readers feel the same way about it as I do!  Well done, Dan, for showing me how, and here are a few more random images.

Creative Photography

A herd of wildebeest standing in the shade of a few thorn trees is a frequently seen African image.  I decided to apply a little art to this idyllic theme.  Hence these images.  They present a different perspective and support my belief that we need to explore the artistic side of photography in order to give expression to our visions.

A Late Winter Storm

Yesterday Hermanus was hit by a late winter storm, part of a huge low pressure system that is affecting the Western and Southern Cape.  After a downpour, Renee and I ventured out and witnessed some of the biggest seas we have ever seen here.  At Siever’s Punt we thought we had parked in a waterfall, when massive waves threw up spray that drenched us completely.  The Mossel River was in spate and the beach below Kwaaiwater (Shelly, or Bessie’s Beach) was being hit by one huge wave after another, covering it with foam and debris, like we had never seen previously.  Waves breaking over the New Harbour wall were also spectacular and the images below speak for themselves!

Walk to Sculptured Corner

First, Mike was to have led a walk at Genadendal, then Garth and Liz took over.  In the end the wet weather forced us to abandon the Genadendal plans and we ended up walking to Sculptured Corner, which is always a pleasure.  The rain held off and it actually got quite warm, but we nevertheless had to walk in very wet conditions, there having been 35mm of rain the previous day.  It was actaully so refreshing to experience the sodden conditions and to hear the sound of fast running water in every stream.  There were also wonderful views over Hermanus and the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.

The Hemel-en-Aarde Valley

As a group we were a far cry from the old guard.  Four regulars (the Huttons and Hazells) and four newcomers – Audrey, Patty, Dave and Rose.  Hopefully they will all become regular walkers.

Looking towards Kleinmond

We saw beautiful fynbos throughout our route, which took us up Adder’s Ladder and round the back to Sculptured Corner.  From there we retraced our steps until we reached the path to Galpin’s Hut.  We stopped off there for the view and then returned around the south of Galpin Peak and down through Boekenhout’s Kloof.  We had walked 11.2 km over a pleasant four and a half hours.

I had no less than three botanists with me to help identify the flowers we saw, but my brain just refuses to remember what they told me.  Here are some of them.