Elgin Gardens

Yesterday we visited some of the gardens on show in the Elgin/Bot River area.  We were fortunate to travel with Liz and Garth and our first stop was at Beaumont, where we had coffee and scones courtesy of Nicky Beaumont, whilst enjoying the Victorian garden and views over the dam that fronts the main homestead.

Our next stop ws at Wildekrans guesthouse at Houw Hoek, a beautiful spot with a wonderful garden filled with sculpure by Wilma Cruise.  Barry Gould, architect and co-owner with his partner, Alison Green, is something of a garagiste and I could not resist buying a case of his 2006 Cab Sav/Merlot blend.  From there it was a short hop to the garden and nursery at Houw Hoek Outspan.  We were able to stock up with some miniature alstroemerias and hope that they will soon be brightening our garden.

Midday was looming, so we next drove to South Hill, in the Elgin Valley.  A wine and food pairing was our main focus and the wine was good enough for us to leave with the back of Garth’s wagon well stocked with a selection of Kevin King’s excellent wines.

Our final visit was to the garden and nursery at Keurbos, before returning home via the Highlands road.  The only thing that marred our day was a dusty detour through Karwyderskraal, caused by some stone throwing around Hawston, which resulted in the road being closed.

At South Hill we had sampled some duck with their MCC wine and this reminded me that there was a frozen duck in our deep freeze.  Garth thought I was joking when I said I was going to roast it, but two hours after our arrival at home it was on the table and, together with Garth and Liz, we devoured every last bit of it!

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