From Gansbaai to De Kelders

Dave Privett and Otto Boysen (both members of the Strandveld Voetslaaners walking group) were waiting for us when we arrived at De Kelders this morning for our 7½ kilometre hike along the coast.  They proved to be excellent guides and kept us entertained throughout with stories and facts about the area and its history.

Our walk started at Gansbaai Harbour, centre of a busy fishing industry and the the heart of the village.  We had a pleasant walk in cool weather along the coastal path until we stopped for tea at Stanford Cove.  Our next stop was at the Drip Cave in De Kelders.  The village derives its domestic water from the natural spring that formed this feature in the coastal limestone and the cave still has remnants of what must once have been spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.  Regrettably, most have been removed over the years by souvenir hunters.  The water in the cave runs at a constant 60l per second and has been dammed within the cave which was previously also used for swimming.

Three more caves were visited as we walked further north.  First came Gideon’s Cave (only 5 of our group ventured into it) followed by Duivelsgat, which necessitated some agile climbing over slippery rocks, and Klipgat, site of a well known archeological dig.  This has provided abundant evidence of human occupation over a period of around 40 000 years.  We all agreed that it was a really interesting and challenging walk!

7 thoughts on “From Gansbaai to De Kelders

  1. I had a real problem loading them, and this, after two years of blogging with WordPress. Trouble is, they’ve changed the system and I just couldn’t make it work at first. Anyway, now they are up and running!

      1. tessa friedman

        okay, how do I contact them. yes I could do the walk on my own but I dont know where all the caves are ? Also when I was there last week – the drip cave was locked – someone would need to open?

  2. Dave Privett

    A tour of the Drip Kelders and other caves on the Klipkat Hiking trail can be arranged by contacting Dave Privett 0794101342

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