A Family Gathering at Hermanus

We were lucky to have the entire family together when they all visited us for the weekend.  It was the first time that all the grandchildren had seen each other since our reunion at Oshoek and they had a ball.  Cricket on the lawn was a keenly contested event and the fish pond took its usual beating in the search for frogs.  Renee prepared some excellent meals, so we all ate well, to the accompaniment of too much beer and wine.  On Saturday night, Gill joined us for dinner and a game of charades, in which we had to act out the names of wine estates.  It was quite a challenge, with Druk-My-Niet proving to be the most difficult.

Other than that we had a good hike up the mountain with everyone barring Nicky, Tanja and Robyn, who elected to chill out at home.  Fishing in the rock pools at Bessie’s Beach and the New Harbour was also popular, whilst the moms went shopping and I took some photographs of Lexie, who always enjoys, and has a natural aptitude for modelling.

Sadly it all came to an end when the Knysnuts had to leave for home after lunch on Sunday, soon followed by the rest of the gang.  Our next reunion will probably be in Mauritius next Easter – certainly something to look forward to!