The Contour Path from Vogelgat

This morning we walked the contour path from Vogelgat to Fernkloof.  There were 14 members and we set out from the bird hide parking area, straight into the recently burnt section of Vogelgat.  The first couple of kilometres took us up the lower slopes of Mosselberg and we traversed a desolate landscape, but it was interesting to see the new growth pushing up through the ash, especially the really fast growing asparagus ferns and little colourful Mairia plants.  The latter, also called Fire Daisies, normally only flower after a fire and are, therefore, seldom seen.

We were also lucky to see a blue disa, Disa graminifolia, fortunately still alive as the fire missed it by only a metre.  Further on towards Droekloof we came across a rare Fire Lily. Cyrtanthus leucanthus and, in a shady kloof, a few beautiful Amaryllis belladonna (March Lilies).

On the birding front, we were lucky to see a pair of Cape Rock Thrushes. a pair of Verreaux’s Eagles, the normal ration of sunbirds and prinias as well as a Cape Longclaw.