Pringle Bay to Rooi Els

Today we walked in perfect mild weather from Pringle Bay to Rooi Els and back.  We started off by crossing the beach at Pringle Bay and then set off along the track that skirts the foot of the mountain.  I had hoped to see some new and interesting birds along the way, but none transpired.  Renee and I had actually started our day by going to Haardebaai at Onrus, where a very rare Northern Rockhopper Penguin had been reported the previous evening, but unfortunately it had left by the time we got there.

The fynbos along the track was worth seeing, although we were disappointed to see the rampant growth of aliens such as Spider Gums and Pines on the eastern section.  On arrival at Rooi Els we ducked down onto the rocky shore and enjoyed a snack whilst watching the huge waves smashing against the rocks.  Then it was back along the way we had come.  By the time we reached Pringle Bay, the tide had come in and we had to remove our shoes to walk across the sodden beach.

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