Palmiet River Walk

Ten lucky walkers enjoyed perfect weather and wonderful scenery along the Palmiet River this morning.  Deep brown pools beckoned, however, with a cool breeze blowing, nobody ventured into the water.  This is a truly beautiful part of the Kogelberg Rerserve and one that we should walk more often, especially in hot weather, when the river would be a welcome source of relief.

On our return, we stopped in Vermont to visit Tay’s studio and to see a magnificent mosaic made up of glass, shells and other beach material, prior to its being packed and dispatched to its future owners.  This was a real treat for art lovers and Kinki was rightfully proud of her daughter’s work

3 thoughts on “Palmiet River Walk

  1. Jenny

    Dear birthday Boy.
    Thanks for the great descriptions of the walks and lovely pictures of the folk and flowers of the Wednesday walks. Good organisation and lifts too – must I send a message to walkers re petrol costs?
    Love Jenny

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