Frenzy in Walker Bay

Its not unusual to see thirty or more Southern Right Whales in Walker Bay in Spring, but by now they have all returned to Antarctica.  Imagine our delight then, when yesterday afternoon we saw at least a dozen Bryde’s Whales actively hunting off Gearing’s Point.  Then a school of around eighty dolphins joined the fray, with occasional seals also visible.  The main attraction, however, was the huge flocks of Cape Gannets, either sitting in the water in vast numbers, or flying around and diving into the sea, in response to what must have been a mammoth shoal of sardines.  There must have been thousands of Gannets and there were times when the diving was so intense that it looked like a cascade of birds falling from the sky!

Cape Gannets in Walker Bay
Cape Gannets in Walker Bay

We really are lucky to live on a coastline that is blessed with such abundant and interesting sea life.  Unfortunately I only had my small camera with me to record the event.

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