Mauritius Family Holiday

The whole family set out for Mauritius on Thursday 28 March in great anticipation of a wonderful holiday.  We were not disappointed.

Unfortunately, our route took us via Johannesburg, which added many hours of waiting to the day’s activities.  It was there, however, that the Cape Town and Hermanus contingents met up with those who had flown in from Knysna.  We numbered 14 and from then on we made our presence felt, mainly by the sheer enthusiasm shown by everybody.  The flight to the island was delayed, but we eventually set off and landed at Plaisance just after 10pm.  The grandchildren may have been tired, but there was no evidence it as they kept up their excited chatter in the hour long bus ride to our destination, the Intercontinental Resort Hotel near Balaclava.

Once there we soon fell into the not too strenuous island lifestyle of late mornings, great breakfasts, much snorkeling and swimming, plenty of beer and cocktails, beach lunches, afternoon dozes, evening drinks, good dinners and late nights, enhanced by various activities in which the children generally excelled.  The time flew by and our departure, after a week of pure pleasure, came all too soon.

For Renee and me the best part of the whole thing was to be included in such a magic family who were enjoying every moment as if it was their last.  How the youngsters kept up I don’t know, but they never stopped for a breath!  Hearing their cries of joy when looking into the wonderful world of pristine coral reef and being surrounded by a myriad of beautiful fish, was amazing.  Being able to take them on such a holiday was one of the best things I have ever done, and we are already wondering how we can do it again and where to go to next time!