Boskloof Walk

This morning I had the pleasure of accompanying 8 ladies on a walk at Boskloof, the mountain farm belonging to Thys De Villiers.  He has been a source of ericas for Mags’ botanical art and we were not dsappointed in the quality of the fynbos on the upper slopes of the mountain (which adjoins the Salmonsdam Reserve).  The weather was quite cool with a stiff westerly breeze, so we had no problems covering the 10 km round trip in three hours.  Mags found the first part of the walk particularly easy as she hitched a ride with a tractor and trailer, taking flower pickers up the mountain!

In addition to the beautiful vistas and fynbos, I wanted to see more local birds.  There were plenty of Orange-Breasted Sunbirds, but little else, although I did see a Verreaux’s Eagle, Malachite and Southern Double-Collared Sunbirds, a pair of Peregrine Falcons, and the high point of the day, a Gabar Goshawk!

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