Anysberg Nature Reserve

When we arrived at the park offices it was a Saturday afternoon and everything was closed.  We were really worried as it was bitterly cold and we needed to buy some firewood.  Luckily we ran into a student ranger, whilst out birding, and he said he would arrange for some, so later that evening we were delighted when 4 bags of wood were delivered, ensuring warmth for the night.  The cottage, Agama, was well appointed, with gas geyser and fridge and solar power for lights.

After a good night, we set out to explore the reserve on Sunday, taking the 4X4 route to Tapfontein.  It proved to be quite an experience, but we saw many birds as well as Klipspringers, Gemsbok and Red Haartebeest.  The scenery was typical Karoo and, needless to say, we saw no other cars at all.  The dam near the camp is a good spot for aquatic birds, and a brisk walk to the kloof which supplies water to the camp was a fine way to end the day.

The reserve is noted for its stargazing potential and the route to Tapfontein was marked with solar system beacons.  A full moon during our stay, however, put paid to any stargazing we may have anticipated.  The drive out on Monday morning took us through more beautiful scenery on the way to Laingsburg, where we joined the N1 for our long route to Mokala.  We had had a good start to our trip and will probably return.

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