Mabalingwe Game Reserve

After our visit to Mapungubwe, we used some time share points to spend three nights at Mabalingwe’s Ingwe development.  It was an opportunity to do some more birding in the Waterberg area, but as a game reserve it did not really meet expectations.  I guess this is due to its being a bushveld housing estate as much as anything else and it was overrun by visitors during our stay.  Many of them appear to disregard reserve rules and there is much evidence of new tracks being formed in the bush, giving the whole place a somewhat abused feeling.  This was a pity, as the area is attractive and the birding is good.  Our cottage was not as good as those in the national parks, having the bedroom upstairs and the only bathroom downstairs – not my idea of comfort.

On the positive side, we had a very friendly warthog family that liked to spend time around us and would have come inside if invited.  The same could be said of a Nyala bull that must have been brought up in the camp.  Of course this behaviour is probably as much due to the animals being fed as anything else, which is a pity as they end up becoming too dependent on humans.  We were not sorry to leave, but did not look forward to the long journey to Augrabies, broken by a night in Vryburg.  There we stayed at Lockerbie Lodge, an imposing name for a very unimposing establishment!  Enough said!


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