Marekele Game Reserve

We had not previously visited this small reserve in the Waterberg close to the town of Thabazimbi.  Tlopi tented camp is situated on a dam, but one must travel a bumpy and dusty road to get there.  As we unpacked a troop of Vervet monkeys raided us and before we knew it they were in the car and in the kitchen.  Luckily, I managed to evict them before too much damage was done, but we knew we had to be vigilant and all doors needed to be kept closed all the time.

The scenery is spectacular, with huge Waterberg sandstone cliffs looming over the camp and high mountains all around.  We did not see much game, especially when compared to Mokala, but we did hear lions roaring close by at night.  On our first evening we were delighted to hear our names called and when we looked out, even more delighted to find that John and Carol were there for the night.  We joined them for a meal and were able to swap stories of our recent adventures.  They were on their way home from Kruger Park and Mapungubwe, so we picked their brains re the latter, our next destination.

The next day we set out for the summit of the Waterberg massif, hoping to get a glimpse of the famed Cape Vultures.  More than 800 breeding pairs occupy the cliffs, but we were too late – they had already gone hunting.  We did, however, see some interesting birds on the high ground as well as unexpected Yellowwood trees.  The road to the top is narrow and precipitous, but tarred in order to allow access to the huge Sentech towers which broadcast their signals far and wide.  Needless to say the views from the summit are outstanding.

Will we return?  Probably not as there are so many other parks which offer more, but it was, nevertheless an interesting stop-over.


4 thoughts on “Marekele Game Reserve

  1. Audrey

    Hi Ronnie, we saw a surprising peach tree at the top! Stayed in the camping site which was fabulous as it is at a waterhole with no fences. Had rhino in the camp one night.

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