Mokala Game Park

It was a long drive from Anysberg to Mokala, around 700km, but we arrived ready to explore our new environment.  The camp, Muso Lodge, is very comfortable and we had a chalet looking out over a small waterhole.  As we unpacked, a herd of Roan antelope came down to drink.  Wow, what a sight – something we hadn’t seen for years, and I forgot to mention that we had seen a herd of Sable on an adjoining property on the way in.  All this made for a pretty good start to our two-day stay.

We spent a comfortable night in front of a blazing fire and awoke the next morning ready to go.  The reserve is relatively small, so one can cover all of it in a day.  We were delighted to see a very good selection of antelope, covering most South African species, and there were always plenty of them, so game viewers, take note – this place is worth visiting. There are no elephants, (or lion?) but we did see white rhino and buffalo as well, and an excellent herd of around 30 giraffe.  The birding was also good and we were able to re-acquaint ourselves with some species that we had not seen for a long time.

We spent a second night, before setting out on another 700km journey north to Marekele, but that is the subject of my next blog.

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