Walking at Luddite

Carin led us on a short, but strenuous walk at Luddite Farm this morning.  There were only seven participants, which meant that many of our group missed the excellent weather and the opportunity to walk in a new area and enjoy the scenery, and the wonderful wine tasting that followed!

We were pretty tired on our return, thinking that we had done more than the 6 km that Carin promised.  As it happened, when I measured our route, I discovered that it was only 5 km, but we did climb from 110 m to 500 m, and that was no doubt what tired us somewhat.  There were very good flowers along the way and Mags was inspired to think about new botanical paintings.  One surprising aspect of the walk was the plethora of ticks that we found on our clothing.  There were scores of them and, hopefully, we managed to remove them before they bit us.

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