A Weekend in Knysna

We had a very enjoyable weekend visiting Mike, Nicky, Travis and Robyn in Knysna.  The drive there from Hermanus wasn’t much fun as it poured with rain and there was very heavy traffic all the way, but Saturday dawned fine despite predictions of bad weather.  We were able to take Robyn and her friend Gigi to the Leisure Island Festival where they enjoyed the activities, whilst Travis was with a friend.

On Sunday we had the rare pleasure of accompanying the family (sans Robyn, who spent the day with a friend) to a cricket match at the Abbottsfield oval at Rheenendal.  Luckily for Travis one member of Michael’s team (the Rheenendal Rangers) didn’t pitch, so he got a game with the adults and acquitted himself very well.  I never thought that I would see the two of them playing cricket in the same team and I am proud to be able to show some pictures of them in action.  Unfortunately, the Rangers lost by one run with one ball to spare, making it a tight and exciting finish!  Michael scored 21 runs and took a wicket, whilst Travis got 7 runs and very nearly took a wicket.

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