Vogelgat after the fire

A huge fire raged through the Vogelgat Reserve last December and many members realised that their walks would be interrupted for a considerable while.  Thus, when the Hurriers decided to walk there on Wednesday, there was a good turn-out despite the gale force north-westerly wind.  I was unable to attend, having just had some surgery on my nose, so Renee and I went this morning.

The weather was perfect for walking and we went up Lex’s Gulley and then down past the newly constructed and very smart Sip Lodge (the previous one was destoyed by the fire) to Quark and then back to the base.  Normally a walk of this nature is characterised by proteas, but the only ones we saw were Mimetes.  For the rest we were quite amazed at the wonderful new species (for us, anyway) that proliferated in certain areas.  It was incredible to see vast tracts of bare rock and then to suddenly come on an area full of blooms.  The Pillansia templemanii were particularly impressive, as were the Disas and Gladiolus between Sip and Quark.  If it weren’t for the fire many species would not have been visible.

We did not see many birds, but did manage to spot a Cape Siskin and a pair of Sentinel Rock Thrushes, so were very pleased.  A fresh leopard spoor was yet another bonus!

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