The End of an Era. RIP Madiba

Today marked the end of ten days of celebration and mourning for the loss of our great statesman, Nelson Mandela.  So many words have been spoken by so many people around the world that one cannot add anything of value.  Let us, therefore, reflect in silence on how he changed our lives and on how we can best follow his example and improve our lives and those of our fellow men.

We shall not forget.













Goosed on a morning walk!

This morning, whilst walking past the golf course, I noticed a noisy pair of Egyptian Geese in a pine tree at the side of the road.  As I approached one of them flew down into my path and adopted a very threatening pose with its wings flared.  It squawked and hissed loudly and came to within two metres of me.  I carried on, hoping it would keep its distance and, as I passed the tree, its partner flew out of the branches accompanied by a number of young goslings, which literally tumbled to the ground.  They scooted of in the direction of the fairway and I departed unharmed, but certainly full of new respect for the protective attitude adopted by this large bird.