Birding at De Hoop

Renee and I spent two nights at De Hoop Nature Reserve in order to do some much needed updating of our 2014 bird list.  We were not disappointed, managing to identify around 90 species within the reserve and a good few extra outside of it.

The accommodation at De Hoop has been upgraded substantially and we had a very comfortable stay.  The recent heavy rains meant that the lagoon was flooded and this had the effect of diluting the bird numbers and types as there are no mud flats for waders. Some of the roads were also flooded, so that access to some areas was limited.  A visit to the Potberg section was well worthwhile and we were lucky to see numerous Cape Vultures in the area.  It was strange to see them standing in pastures alongside sheep with their newborn lambs.  The road from Bredasdorp to Potberg must rank with the Swartrivier road in  terms of the abundance and variety of birds available if one takes one’s time.

We also spent a night a the Agulhas National Park.  Once again, the cottage was very comfortable, but strong winds did dampen our enthusiasm somewhat.  Unfortunately, our return journey across the Agulhas plain was not very productive, nor was a visit to De Mond, where the wind was howling.

6 thoughts on “Birding at De Hoop

  1. Hello Ron,
    What a beautiful site you have, and what adventures! I am seeking permission to download and use your image posted within From “Gansbaai to De Kelders” of Falkia repens on a plant label for a customer of ours located on the west coast of the USA. Yours is the best image of this plant I could locate.
    Kind regards,
    Sue Vargas

      1. Hello Ron,
        Thanks for your speedy response. I can send you a PDF of the label if you send me an email to use as I would have to send it as an attachment. I do not believe I can copy and paste into this response window, or I would. Know that it might be a week or two before the digital copy of the plant label is ready to send to press. I will request a PDF be made of the digital file, and I will send it to you then. I hope that is acceptable. It is my job here to locate images for our labels and having kind people like you make my job so much easier and fun to boot!

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