Orchids and Birds

This morning I joined five avid orchid hunters on a climb up the ZigZag path to the recently burnt area.  Regrettably the search did not turn up any new orchids, however, my main interest was to see if I could find some mountain birds and, in this respect, I was lucky.  I saw a couple of Cape Rockjumpers, a couple of Cape Rock Thrushes and many other more common species, notably Grassbirds, Familiar Chats, 3 Quail (Common or Buttonquail? – the jury is still out) a lone Jackal Buzzard surveying his patch, Red-Winged Starlings, Martins, Swallows, Karoo Prinias and a relatively large flock of Orange-Breasted Sunbirds which accompanied us on part of our route.  Unfortunately I did not see any Ground Woodpeckers, but not for lack of trying!

I got no bird photos, but the splendid fynbos and views across the bay made up for this.

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