Hiking in the Kogelberg

There were sixteen hikers present this morning for our walk from the Kogelberg offices to Harold Porter Reserve.  This is an 8 km hike which climbs from 50 m. to 350 m and then descends back down to 30 m above sea level.  The weather was warm at 27 degrees C, but we had a breeze for most of the way.  The veld was pristine, having recovered from recent fires, and the sections of Afromontane forest provided plenty of shade and the sound of running water.  One cannot traverse this region without being impressed by the wonderful large trees, especially Yellowwoods, that have survived over hundreds of years.

Recent heavy rains had, however, caused severe land slips in places and the damage to mountain slopes and large trees was in evidence.  Fortunately, Cape Nature have repaired the damaged paths, so our progress, whilst slow, was not unduly hampered.  As usual. I was looking out for birds, especially in the forests, but we only saw a few.  On the slopes above Harold Porter I was lucky to get a glimpse of a Victorin’s Warbler.  These shy birds are not often out in the open, so it was something of a coup to see one.