Walking at Sea Farm

Max arranged for us to walk around Sea Farm this morning.  It is a private reserve with a number of residences scattered around the coast and it is very strictly private, to the extent that there are notices all the way along the well-developed path warning of prosecution in the event of any straying above the high water mark.  Needless to say, we kept to the path!  It was eight kilometres long.

The weather was fine and cool, but unfortunately only eight walkers turned up.  We were not disappointed with the walk.  It is a beautiful peninsula and the scenery was magnificent all the way.  Flowers were not abundant in variety, but we were treated to fields of Haemanthus and numerous Brunsvigia orientalis.  We also saw around 20 bird species, including a pair of Kitlitz Plovers acting as if wounded, so as to distract us from their newly hatched young.

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