A Rainy Day at Oak Valley

Our walk at Oak Valley was considerably compromised by the wet and windy weather this morning.  It had been so wild that a number of mature oak tress had been blown down on the property, famous for it’s old forests.  This was a sad start to our day.

Walking in the steady rain was not an option, but John had other ideas.  First we visited the small apple and bee museum, where we marveled at the artefacts of early farming in the region.  This was followed by a stop off at the frozen chicken shop, necessitated by the need amongst the distaff members of our group for some retail therapy!  It was now mid morning and time for some refreshment, so coffee was taken at the Pool Room on Oak Valley farm.

A break in the weather allowed us to do a short, but brisk walk, before setting off to the greenhouses to see the cut flower production.  This was a real eye-opener, in terms of complexity and scale and we were all amazed by what we saw.  Our guide explained the growing and packing of numerous flower types and we ended our visit with a look in at the marketing shed where final bunches of single and mixed flowers are assembled prior to dispatch around the country.  It was a fantastic experience and we saw more beautiful flowers that ever before!

The final stop was a return to the Pool Room for a sumptuous lunch with great wine – a fitting end to our outing and a good way to celebrate John’s birthday!!

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